How To: Delay Command Blocks With No Repeaters

Can you imagine a Minecraft command blocks system with no repeaters, no long trails of redstone? You are at the right address!
In this blog we will teach you a simple way to mitigate the use of many Redstone items instead, we will teach you the ultimate best practice.

STEP 1 – Minecraft Command Block delay pre setup:

To start the first step we would require 3 commands blocks where the command block must be a repeating one and the other two command blocks chains after this all have to be set to mode “always active“. We also suggest you place the command blocks in the same chunk so they all are to be loaded and ready.

This is the command order used in your command blocks:

  • /tag @e[​tag=DelayCloud,nbt={Age:-1}] add DelayDone
  • /execute at @e[​tag=DelayDone] run data merge block ~ ~ ~ {auto:1b}
  • /execute at @e[​tag=DelayDone] run data merge block ~ ~ ~ {auto:0b}

STEP 2 – Let’s delay our command blocks!

Once done this, you can finally proceed to delay the command!
For example, you want multiple messages to be sent out but spread apart:
This time we would need two types of command blocks: a pulse one and a chain one.

The delayer command must be in the second type (this time they have to be set on “needs redstone“). Here’s the order:

  • /tellraw @a {“text”:”Hello world!”}
  • /summon area_effect_cloud CoordinatesOfTheNextCommandBlock {Tags:[“DelayCloud”],Age:-40} (replace -40 with the number you need, see below for more info)
  • /tellraw @a {“text”:”This is my delayed text”}

    (If you’re using a version older than 1.11, replace area_effect_cloud with AreaEffectCloud)

What the command does is basically create an area effect cloud with the tag Age which is the equivalent of the time delay expressed in ticks (20 ticks = 1 second). Remember that the number must be negative.
I suggest you set the commandBlockOutput gamerule to false to avoid the annoying command that blocks output messages in the chat.

If you want to delay only one command block, then you can do this:

  • Leave empty
  • /summon area_effect_cloud CoordinatesOfTheNextCommandBlock {Tags:[“DelayCloud”],Age:-20}
  • /tp @p coordinates

You can also choose to hire xayden for all your Minecraft services, and builds!